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Case Studies

Sales Agent
Meeting Software Needs with Flexible & Transparent Support

"It’s so refreshing to work with people who know the system so we can leverage it to our advantage."

-Evelyn Dufford, Owner

Switching from a Legacy Software to a Modern, Cloud System

"Vantaca has empowered us to change our business for the better when it comes to the reduction of costs, productivity, efficiency, and marketability."

-Ricky Zilem, Managing Partner

Using a Smartphone
Leveraging New Technology to Improve Management Processes

"Vantaca asks us questions before our
team has a chance to ask it. That back and forth, the sharing of information, it’s invaluable."

-Scott Wolf, Managing Partner

Business Meeting
Consolidating Technology for a Sustainable, Long-Term Solution

"​We couldn’t say enough about how happy we are with Vantaca. It goes beyond the system itself. The people at Vantaca make a huge difference, and they continue to do so."

-Mike Wallace, COO

Reducing Costs & Increasing Profitability with
Cutting-Edge Technology

"This product will save you time, save you labor, and it’s all in one package. Vantaca performs exactly as described, and I think that in and of itself is an excellent value."

-Brian Borchardt, CEO

Computer Class
Embracing Change to Enable Growth & Best-in-Class Association Management

"Vantaca is the right combination of ideas, people, and support. It’s lightning in a bottle, and we are now positioned to be a top competitor in the industry."

-Lisa Turner, President & CEO

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