About Us

From grassroots ideas to a fast-growing Fintech company, Vantaca [Van-Tic-Ah] is breaking boundaries to help the community association management industry run smarter and better. 

Our Story

Many of our original Vantacans spent years working in the community association management, banking, and accounting industries and were no strangers to management software. In fact, they had tried nearly every single product on the market. 


Unfortunately, the very tools that were meant to make their lives easier were making everything more complicated. They needed a product that could provide solutions to these challenges that many others were also constantly facing. 

Our original Vantacans came up with an ambitious solution: Let’s just build our own software! Easier said than done, right?


Before all the planning and process building began, four critical needs were identified that must be met in any management software:

  1. It is adaptable to each businesses' philosophy. 

  2. It can automate processes and increase efficiency.

  3. It provides customized, real-time communication and transparency for companies, homeowners, and board members.

  4. It is fully mobile so it can be used while on-the-go.

With those needs in mind, the team knew they were onto something extraordinary. They just needed to make their idea a reality. That's when Dave Sweyer, long-time management company owner, and David Gunn, proven industry thought leader and visionary, came together in 2015 to begin the planning of Vantaca.

Since 2017, Vantaca has continued to grow and become a guiding force in the community association management industry, but we’re just getting started. Our experience in the industry drives our purpose: to provide the best management software on the market. 

What truly drives this ambition is our mindset of engaging and empowering both clients and homeowners in a way that hasn’t been done before. We’re here to makes lives simpler, and in doing so, protect and preserve the value of our communities across the globe. 

Our Leaders

Ben Currin

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Sweyer


David Gunn

Chief Innovative Officer

Ed Yopp

Chief Financial Officer

Jack Liles

Chief Revenue Officer

Adam McCombs

Chief Product Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Eric Baxley

EVP of Strategic Partnerships

Greg Rohde

Chief Customer Officer

Lauren Godwin
Will Warner

Director of Technology Innovation

Director of Customer Success

Shelly DeAntonio
Maegan Woytek

National Business Development Manager