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Business Intelligence

Vantaca IQ

Drive confident decisions and operational excellence with the only business intelligence solution built for community association management and powered by AI.

Stop Guessing, Start Knowing

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1. Start Quickly

Start utilizing your data and viewing dashboards immediately - no configuration needed. 

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2. Rewind and Learn

Access historical data to start identifying trends from up to two years back. 

3. Put Insights into Action

Make data-driven decisions that improve operational efficiency. 

Get Frictionless Access to Your Business Insights

Delivering Value Across Your Organization

  • For Executives | Strategic Decision-Making

    Enhance operational efficiency, improve financial performance, and elevate customer satisfaction across the business.

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  • For People Managers | Operational Excellence

    Streamline processes and enhance team performance, accountability, and productivity.



  • For Individual Contributors | Productivity

    Manage tasks efficiently, balance workloads across multiple associations, and demonstrate your value.

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  • For Board Members | Transparency

    Foster trust and accountability with your association boards through shared insights.

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Companies Utilizing Vantaca IQ Experience:

40 % Improvement in resolving open action items
15 % Improvement in financial delivery times
5 % Reduction in open action items
10 % Company growth in 2023

What Our Customers Are Saying about Vantaca IQ

Vantaca is revolutionizing the community management industry with the release of Vantaca IQ. Through this well-conceived, customizable IT tool, we can prevent 'fires’ before they start, find training opportunities for staff. The ability to not only see the number of open (or closed) tickets each team member has in their queue, but drill down directly into a ticket with a single click saves us time and improves efficiency.

Jake Turner SBB Community Management, VP Client Relations

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We've completely transformed how we supervise and what the KPIs are. Vantaca IQ is going to help us get our work done in a more efficient manner, understand our rub spots and solve the problems. The degree of clarity around approving invoices, responding to work orders, responding to resident questions... it's all there for us to see in one place and that's going to help us manage the whole process much better.

Peter Greeves Owner at EJF Real Estate Services, Inc.

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Before Vantaca IQ, we could send a maintenance request to a vendor and only knew it was closed when we got the invoice. It could be 3 weeks, or it could be 8 weeks...Now, we’re able to look at a maintenance request - if one is opened on a Monday and it’s not closed by Thursday, we have a customer service person calling the maintenance company and figuring out why it’s not closed.

David Reese Principal at Silvercreek Association Management

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Our team is already seeing great value in Vantaca IQ. We’re able to see how long and how many action items and service requests are open, which helps us assess and allocate our customer service resources. It’s easy for us to view what we’re doing at every level of the company. It’s also very convenient to be able to drill down and open a specific action item. Vantaca IQ is yet another Vantaca tool that we’ll be using very often!

Hao Vo Business Analyst at PAMco

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