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June 6, 2022

Guilty by Association: The Vantaca Podcast Ep. 3

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Evelyn Dufford with Association Services of Washington engages with BD Snow and Shelly DeAntonio to chat about the profound effects of the pandemic on our industry, emphasizing the intricate dimensions of board education, shifting areas of focus, and a particularly intriguing subject known as the "Book of Komatsu."

As the conversation unfolds, listeners are offered a glimpse into the adaptive strategies implemented by Association Services both during and after the pandemic, effectively navigating the uncharted waters for both their employees and clients.

How has the pandemic changed the landscape for where people live, and will they commute to work? How were receivables impacted due to the pandemic?
While the day-to-day hustle of running a management company embodies many moving parts, Evelyn and her team came up with a creative way to record some of the most memorable and outrageous HOA stories.

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