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July 15, 2020

Ben Currin Named Chief Executive Officer

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Dave Sweyer, one of Vantaca’s original founders and the company’s largest shareholder, was thrilled to announce earlier this week the appointment of Ben Currin as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
“I started a search for a CEO early in the life of the company because I knew Vantaca would need a strong, quality leader to match up with the company’s potential. When I first met with Ben about joining Vantaca, I knew that he would be the right fit for this position.”  -Dave Sweyer, Founder

At Vantaca, our passion is to improve the lives of those we serve while simplifying community association management, and it’s what drives us every day to continue growing as a company. Us Vantacans value winning as a team, having an unwavering commitment to the customer experience, and of course, always growing.

Vantaca Beginnings  

Many of our original Vantacans spent years working in the community association management industry, so they were no strangers to management software. In fact, they tried nearly every single product on the market. Unfortunately, all of these tools were making their jobs more complicated.

They needed a product that would provide solutions to the challenges they were constantly facing. So, why not create something themselves? 

With their main needs in mind, our original Vantacans needed someone to make it happen. That’s where Dave Sweyer and our CIO David Gunn came in.

Vantaca was launched in 2017 with an ambitious plan and appetite to be the top software company for the community association management industry. Dave Sweyer led Vantaca from the initial startup phase where he worked to develop the product, test the initial solution with early adopters, and build out our management team.

Building the Foundation for Vantaca’s Growth

In 2018, Ben led the strategic growth initiatives at Vantaca as Executive Vice President. A year later, he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer where Ben led efforts to scale our team and business model.

Under Ben’s leadership, Vantaca has achieved an average annual growth rate of nearly 300%.

“Our growth has exceeded our expectations, which proves the tremendous potential for this company.” -Dave Sweyer, Founder

Ben’s leadership instincts have garnered great respect from both the Vantaca team and our business partners. He has led the company for the last twelve months and shares the ambition to create a best-in-class software company for the HOA industry.

About Ben Currin, CEO

Prior to joining Vantaca, Ben managed the training, testing, and maintenance of two Navy nuclear reactors in Charleston, SC. This capped a nearly-decade long career as a Navy Submarine Officer and nuclear engineer during which Ben successfully completed multiple operational deployments around the globe. 

 He is excited to take the lead as Vantaca’s CEO.
“I am beyond impressed by the blend of our team’s unique abilities and amazing company culture. The combination of product, people, and partnerships will continue to fuel our trend.” -Ben Currin, CEO

Moving Forward

Vantaca has now been onboarded by just under 100 management companies nationwide with over 1 million homes served through our software. 

Our goal is to continue to break industry boundaries in banking integration, accounting automation, and dynamic workflow configuration to simplify and empower the community association management industry.


To learn more about Vantaca and our software, check out our story and features.

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