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May 30, 2022

Guilty by Association: The Vantaca Podcast Ep. 2

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What is it like to be the first client on new software in the industry?

 Lisa Turner from Silver Leaf Management Company in Loganville, Georgia shares her experiences as the pioneering user of Vantaca. In this episode, Lisa sits down with BD Snow and Shelly DeAntonio to peel back the layers of the transition and evolution of Vantaca. Lisa takes us through Silver Leaf’s 5-year journey with Vantaca and how it has impacted her company, employees, and board members.

As the conversation unfolds, Lisa also reveals some of the intriguing scenarios she encountered — the peculiar instances of "HOA after dark." These anecdotes add a touch of the unexpected, underlining the multifaceted challenges that a management company faces.

Through Lisa's story, we are able to gain a glimpse into the profound impact of being the trailblazer for a transformative software like Vantaca. It's a testament to the spirit of exploration, the rewards of embracing change, and the ever-evolving nature of modern business landscapes.

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