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Accelerate Data-Driven Decisions with a Central Source of Truth

Vantaca IQ

Get a Real-Time View Into Your Performance. 

01. Business IQ

Get a bird’s eye view of how your business is operating and performing.

02. Employee IQ

Review your team’s productivity and optimize your staffing allocations.

03. Association IQ

Identify trends in each association you manage. Find the tasks your team is spending the most time on and improve your average response times.

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Compare Metrics Across Associations and Employees.

Monitor and compare activities performed for specific associations and specific employees.


Customizable Dashboards.

Create your own dashboards for custom views to track what’s most important.

Email Summaries. 

Get weekly report summaries sent straight to your inbox. 

Printable Reports.

Print specific dashboards to create reports you can share with management and at board meetings.

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“Vantaca is revolutionizing the community management industry with the release of Vantaca IQ. Through this well-conceived, customizable IT tool, we can prevent 'fires’ before they start, find training opportunities for staff. The ability to not only see the number of open (or closed) tickets each team member has in their queue, but drill down directly into a ticket with a single click saves us time and improves efficiency."

- Jake Turner | SBB Community Management, VP Client Relations

- Jake Turner | SBB Community Management, VP Client Relations

Actionable Data

Real-time, easily accessible data that helps you identify areas for improvement and drive better performance.

Increased Efficiency

Seamless transitions from reviewing business metrics to resolving issues in your Vantaca database.

More Transparency

Share meaningful insights with your board members about their specific associations’ performance.

Better Performance

Track productivity across your employees, associations, and your entire business. Identify trends and make informed decisions to drive performance.

Request a Demo

Schedule a demo with a Vantaca expert to learn more.

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