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A/P Payments

Vantaca Invoice Pay powered by AvidXchange

Build stronger vendor relationships with A/P payment automation.

Streamline Your A/P Payments

Say goodbye to check printing, envelopes, postage and time spent following up with service providers. Enable your team to focus on more strategic business priorities. 

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Benefits of Payment Automation

Maximize Efficiency

Create payment batches directly from Vantaca while AvidXchange executes payments to your service providers.

Reduce Fraud

Benefit from fraud monitoring tools like Positive Pay, risk scoring, and 24/7/365 cyber threat monitoring. 

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Minimize Costs

Reduce hard costs of check stock, printing, postage, and bank fees. Reduce labor costs associated with check aging and follow up with service providers. 



Vantaca Invoice Pay+ powered by AvidXchange

Transform manual A/P processes into automated workflows, all within Vantaca.

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Invoice-to-Pay Automation All Inside Vantaca

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Automated Invoice Data Capture

AvidXchange receives invoices, records an image, and sends the data to Vantaca via an API.

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Approval Inside Vantaca

Invoice data and images are integrated into your configured invoice approval workflow. Management company employees and/or board members can approve directly inside Vantaca.

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Secure Payment

Electronic or check payments to service providers are sent via the AvidPay Network, reducing both security risks and payment processing costs.

Benefits of Invoice-to-Pay Automation:

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Reduce Administrative Workload

Reduce the manual work needed to approve invoices and enable employees to take on new strategic initiatives.

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Maximize Efficiency

Streamline your processes in one solution, save time, and reduce costs tied to errors or late disbursements. 

Gain Comprehensive Visibility and Control

Track the status of every invoice and payment.

Simplify your A/P Payments