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March 18, 2020

What Could Your Team Achieve with More Time on Their Hands?

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From its inception, Vantaca sought to set itself apart from its competitors by creating a software product that functioned like no other available on the market. One of the ways this has been achieved is through Vantaca’s configurable action items.

So, what is an action item?

Vantaca, each action item consists of steps and each step has rules associated with it which dictate how the step moves through the system. These action items – and the ability for each user-company to configure them to align with their business model – have taken what were once potentially arduous tasks of button clicking, remembering to check boxes or gather specific documents and turned them into an automated dream. The result? Community management teams being freed up to focus their attention on much more important things – the communities they serve.

With Action Items, the Automation Possibilities are Endless

One example of how Vantaca can save its clients time is in posting homeowner assessments. With traditional community management software, an employee may have to remember each month to push a button to post the charges for homeowner assessments, something that can result in thousands of buttons being pushed to complete the task.

But with Vantaca, that isn’t necessary. This is the kind of action item you can setup one time and essentially forget about – once you’ve setup how the charges should post for a particular association, they’ll automatically generate each month. Imagine the time that could be saved having this task performed automatically versus having someone do it manually each month.

Banking Integrations to Save You Time

Another great time saver in Vantaca is through banking integrations. One of the most important parts of accounting in the community management world is simply getting financial packages assembled and out the door.

In Vantaca, you can setup a financial action item to close the book, get the documents ready for review, put in bank statements and do auto-reconciliations – again, something that a person doesn’t have to spend time on each month for however many different associations they’re in charge of. Vantaca can get all the pieces of the financial puzzle ready and all your accounting team has to do is go in and review everything to make sure it’s good to go.

Vantaca of course isn’t intended to take the place of employees, but rather to work alongside them and make their jobs easier instead of the other way around, something that up until now the community management software industry hasn’t been able to achieve.

What could your team achieve with some extra time on their hands? Ready to find out? Request a demo today.

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