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June 12, 2020

Vantaca’s User-Friendly Board Member Portal

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One essential function of any great community management software is a user-friendly portal for board members. Portals allow your clients to perform numerous functions for themselves which can not only lessen the amount of phone calls and questions your company receives but also allow board members to find whatever information they’re seeking whenever they may need it.

Configuring Portals for Board Members

Vantaca’s user-friendly board member portal allows clients to perform a number of functions as well as customize how they see information in their portals. Not only can board members customize things like the columns of information they see in different areas of their portals, but you as the management company are able to configure what types of information are available to board members in their portal from the onset.

Why would you want to configure what types of information board members are able to see from their portals? Say, for example, you have an association that doesn’t perform violation inspections. You wouldn’t want the inspections tab appearing in their portal as this could potentially lead to confusion so, in Vantaca, you can configure their portal in such a way that things that aren’t applicable to a particular association won’t appear.

Portal Functions Available to Board Members

Using Vantaca, board members are able to view all kinds of association information through their portals. Depending on their roles and permissions, they can see things like collections items, a list of violations items, ARC requests, and invoices.

Though they may not necessarily have to take any action on these items, if their role allows and the item requires such, the portal lets them to approve items, move them to the next step in the process or send messages regarding the item.

When viewing the information in these different categories, board members can also add and remove different columns depending on what they’d like to see and even generate reports into excel themselves, potentially alleviating a big burden from the management company while also allowing them to create whatever reports they’d like to have.

Educating your board members on the ins and outs of their portals is a great tool at the disposal of Vantaca users. Learn more about how your associations can benefit from their portals as well as how you as the management company can configure them in this webinar from one of Vantaca’s experts or request a demo today.

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