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August 23, 2022

How Vantaca’s Customization and Automation Increases Efficiency

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One of the hallmarks of Vantaca’s innovative community management system is the ability to customize workflows for how community association management companies run their business and automate manual processes as a result. This increase in automation and efficiency leads to countless time saved for our clients, like Phoenix Rising Management Group (PRM) Chicago.

Niall Dempsey, Executive at PRM Chicago, said Vantaca’s customizations and automations were key in helping his company tailor solutions to fit their unique client base comprised of both homeowners associations and condo associations.

“One of the great things of the software is it allows us that flexibility to implement processes that are going to work for both,” Dempsey said. “The customization is really what differentiates Vantaca from other software, the software doesn't dictate how I run my business, I dictate how the software integrates with the business.”

While there are some differences between the types of associations PRM Chicago manages, Dempsey said using Vantaca to automate the core processes that don’t change—like closings and invoicing—has led to immense increases in efficiency for his community managers and accountants.

Another improvement to his business’ efficiencies that has come because of Vantaca’s software is that communications and tasks are delivered directly to the correct team member.

“Within Vantaca we are able to route tasks so that it's not even hitting a manager if it's an accounting thing, or something of that our customer service team handles,” he said. It allows us to have managers focused on what the managers do the community specialists focused on what they do and accounting focused on what they do. Everyone's workflows are significantly improved and enhanced, and it just makes the homeowner experience that much better.”

Regardless of whether you’re managing a small-scale association, a large-scale development or a portfolio of hundreds of associations, Vantaca can be tailored to the way you do business. Rather than being limited by your software, Vantaca’s powerful community association management solution can maximize efficiencies to help your business grow into the future.

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