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May 11, 2020

Vantaca Onboarding: A Proven Process

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Software conversions can sound daunting for businesses considering them and often for good reason – if they aren’t handled properly, they can turn into quite the ordeal. For community management companies transitioning to Vantaca, however, this isn’t something to worry about. At Vantaca, we understand what goes into a successful software transition and are prepared to guide clients through each step of the process from onboarding to activation.

What Makes a Software Conversion Successful?

At Vantaca, we’ve found that the most successful software conversions have one common element – a team who is invested in and committed to the complete success of the transition. That’s why we’ve broken down the conversion process into steps that will ease our clients into using their new software product and make the change as seamless as possible.

Our team consists of not only software experts but also community management industry veterans, uniquely positioning us to understand the “why” behind our clients need for the right software partner. Furthermore, our sales and onboarding teams work closely together to ensure that our clients’ needs and expectations are exceeded every step of the way.

The Onboarding Process

Once your company makes the decision to go with Vantaca, our team will lay out the steps ahead so you will know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. Typically, your team can expect to see a 90-day project plan.

When beginning the conversion, you’ll have a dedicated implementation consultant who will be your personal point of contact and who will act as the “quarterback” for your onboarding process.

We’ll set up numerous project planning activities and training calls to make sure your team is ready to hit the ground running on the day you activate your new software company. But training doesn’t end there. Vantaca also has a proprietary learning management system called Vantaca University which will allow your team to continue learning the system at their own pace.

Not only will you have a dedicated implementation consultant, but you’ll also have a dedicated data team who will work with you to ensure all required data is converted efficiently and accurately, alleviating any worries you might have about information not making its way over to the new system.

Does this happen virtually or in-person? That’s up to you – Vantaca provides options for either. Your activation week can be held remotely or you can have some team members visit your office to ensure everything runs smoothly and your team is comfortable with their new software and ready to use it.


You may be wondering what happens once your new software is activated. Well, Vantaca’s onboarding process includes a 45-day post activation “back to business” period. This means we ensure that you and your staff are fully up to speed, back to business and serving your communities better than ever before.

Once the transition period is completed, you will then be working with Vantaca’s Customer Support and Customer Success teams. These teams are available for questions related to system use, optimization and efficiency as well as there to advise you on how to best utilize the system and make it work best for your business.

There’s no reason why software conversions should be scary. If your community management company is interested in a product that will work for them instead of the other way around, reach out to our team of experts to  request a demo today.

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