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November 19, 2020

System Updates from Our 2020 Virtual Edge User Conference

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Vantaca’s first Virtual Edge User Conference was earlier this year, with a series of sessions covering details of our community management system. Normally an in-person event, the Edge User Conference is a great opportunity for learning about our software, as our industry experts give special insights into the system and a sneak peek at new releases and updates.
Executing the conference entirely online was a first in Vantaca’s history because of COVID-19. As innovators with forward-looking mindsets, we saw this transition as a chance to learn and grow and expand our educational resources.
For this event, we recorded numerous sessions that covered an overview of new features, information on our upcoming Management Center, updates to streamline service contracts, action item configuration, and more. The sessions were viewable at any time for attendees, so they could follow along at a time that was most convenient for them.
Below is a compiled list of key learning points from our virtual conference sessions.

Management Center

This is a new feature that is in development and is expected to release in early 2021.

Management Center Advantages:

  • Provides users the ability to bill associations through Vantaca instead of billing through multiple software systems.

  • Management company invoices flow through the system utilizing contract approvals.

  • Paid invoices automatically post back to the Association “Owner” ledger.

  • Import outside charges for management fees to apply to association ledgers.

Service Contracts

Why Service Contracts?

  • Fewer errors with invoices by setting General Ledger (GL) as the preset.

  • Minimizes reconciliation for auto-drafts, debit cards, and other pre-paid transactions.

  • Faster invoice processing with auto approvals and payments.

  • Pre-populate vendors for an association for Work Orders.

Financial Delivery

We have two primary models for Financial Delivery:

Standard Model:

  • Accountants generate files for manager review.

  • Managers approve or deny.

  • Accountants post individually.

  • Accountants use existing attachments to post.

Preliminary Model:

  • Accountants generate and post preliminary version.

  • Managers approve or deny.

  • Accountants post in bulk.

  • Accountants use Bulk Step feature to post.

Templates & Communication

During the conference, we reviewed how to utilize custom tags, letter template model overrides, and letter templates in the variance report category. Other communication features that were addressed included information about mailing address format, like mailing name override, and how to insert images on templates and action items for emails.

Communication System Advantages:

  • Automate and streamline communications.

  • Custom letter and email templates drive association-specific messaging and branding.

  • Save management company time by saving non-value-added inputs.

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles, Responsibilities, and Portfolios are the systems that organize and protect management company data and drive efficiency at every organization level. For this topic, we reviewed how to classify portfolios by type, which are categories that allow portfolios to be sorted by portfolio requirements.

Advantages of Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Configure specific portfolios and system assignments to ensure the right people are being assigned to the right tasks.

  • Customize system permissions and securities at a granular level.

  • Have endless customization options for building portfolios and assigning associations effectively.

Action Item Configuration

The custom action item workflow ensures users are utilizing the most efficient process for completing daily tasks. We reviewed how it works as a tool for managing tasks and for tracking their progress. It also allows users to use templated communications and follow-ups that are professional and predefined.

Advantages of Action Item Configurations:

  • Customize workflows to your specific management style.

  • Build in automatic communications at every critical touchpoint.

  • Users know what to do each day instead of needing to guess. Build out the to-do list for all your users.



Our user conference offers several key learnings to teach users how to make full use of Vantaca’s community management system. Learn about our new Management Center feature, how to utilize letter templates, how to build your own action items, and more.

Our past conferences have been recalled as helpful resources for teaching Vantaca users how to fully utilize our features and for providing them with the most up-to-date information about our software.


If you’re considering making a switch, learn more about Vantaca’s community management system or contact us to learn more.


Don’t forget to stay tuned for updates on our 2021 Edge User Conference!

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