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December 16, 2020

How to Improve Communication Within Your Management Company

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During a pandemic, effective communication is especially important due to a shift in normalcy and new expectations that have developed around the globe. Meetings usually held in person must now be online. Many homeowners who were once away from home all day are now working from home and spending more time in their communities.
 Therefore, one of the most important changes for management companies is adapting their communication system to ensure everyone is on the same page and able to communicate effectively. Below we will walk through some tips and tools that management companies can leverage to improve their own communication processes.

How to Improve Your Management Company’s Communications

Audit Your Communication Processes

It is common for management companies to use multiple integrations and software systems within their business. However, as the association management industry continues to evolve and gain strides in technology development, working with an outdated system can ultimately increase spending, time spent training employees in multiple platforms, and slow down effective decision-making.

The first thing that should be done is to audit your company’s communication processes. How many technology solutions are being used? Does your phone system talk to your email system? Are you having to record and transcribe board member meetings? What about communicating with homeowners and vendors?

If data isn’t accessible and community managers and accounting teams are unable to make smart and quick decisions, very few people will feel satisfied with general operations and the services being provided to the communities you manage.

Consider the Benefits of a Single and Central Platform

Having a technology system that centralizes messaging and communications around day-to-day tasks, troubleshooting issues, and working with vendors can be life changing. Imagine having staff, homeowners, vendors, and board members on the same page. When employees have a clear, concise understanding of what next steps are to take place in their day-to-day responsibilities, it eliminates the need for chasing multiple communication threads.

When your company is not the source of effective communication, you open yourself up to potentially false, and often negative, voices via social media outlets. Therefore, it’s critical to have a centralized location for all communications so issues can be identified and solved at a faster rate.


Benefits of Adapting & Improving Your Communication

Do some of the above roadblocks sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Communication is a common problem within associations, especially with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, having a streamlined and effective communication system can drastically improve conversations between association management communities and communities alike. Below are some of the larger changes and benefits we’ve seen this year with the communities we serve.

Increase of Communication & Community Participation

COVID-19 sparked a rise in the use of broadcast messaging platforms and in communications sent to homeowners. Management companies have been able to successfully set up meetings virtually and facilitated conversations online, which has resulted in increased participation from community members.

Decrease of Compliance Concerns

Effective communication processes have led to a decrease in compliance concerns throughout 2020. Associations can take a proactive approach and notify homeowners of compliance issues before handing out violations. Not only does a streamlined communication process help decrease violations, but it can also boost community morale.

Increase of Community Value

In the long run, the ripple effect of effective communication has been shown to increase property value. By facilitating these communications and gaining more community involvement, management companies can gain better input into decisions made by the board of directors and ultimately enhance their ability to serve their communities effectively.


How Vantaca Is Changing the Way Communities Work Together

Vantaca’s platform drives a proactive style of communication by observing industry trends and collaborating with association management companies across the country. Our comprehensive platform contains action items or workflow processes that allows management companies to send tailored communications.

By revisiting compliance concerns, management companies can have workflow processes that automatically includes association-specific information that communicates to the right people at the right time. As replies are received, they can be filtered out in ways that allow management companies to quickly troubleshoot and solve problems within their communities.



An effective communication process will always be crucial and can add tremendous value to the board members, homeowners, and association management companies. For the proactive management company, effective communication saves your company time, energy, and above all: confusion. Vantaca’s comprehensible communication system will ensure your management company can solve problems in a timely manner that better serve your communities.

To learn more about Vantaca, check out our website here or our newly added case studies.

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