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February 5, 2020

Community Management Software With the Accounting Features You Need

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Those of you in the community association management industry are all too familiar with how the accounting software you’re using can make – or break – your work routine. If your company isn’t using the best, most up-to-date community management software available, there are potentially hours and even days being spent on tasks that could be automated.

Fortunately, there’s Vantaca – a revolutionary association management software product designed with its users and their clients in mind. 

Banking Integrations

Being able to complete a variety of work tasks from one platform is invaluable. Vantaca has integrations with a number of banks around the country and has relationships with pretty much all of the institutions that specialize in association banking needs.

What does this mean for users? Well, these relationships have made way for allowing specified transactions to come through integrations Vantaca. Vantaca has obviated the need for separate accounting programs and allows its users to see what transactions have processed or what accounts need to be reconciled all in one place. By eliminating the need to login to multiple platforms, our clients are saving a lot of time and potential confusion.

Time-Saving Accounting Features

Not only does Vantaca cut down on the number of places HOA management professionals need to go in order to carry out accounting functions, it also has automatic reconciliation capabilities for certain accounts.

For some of our clients, we’ve seen up to about 80% of their account reconciliation processes become automated. This is highly beneficial to the companies that use our software not only in the time they save, but also in that it can free up employees that once had to be dedicated to these tasks full-time, allowing them to focus their attention elsewhere.

This isn’t, of course, to say that you simply don’t have to reconcile accounts anymore with Vantaca, but rather the process of doing so becomes much smoother and the amount of time and effort necessary to ensure various accounts are correctly balanced decreases.

Automation and configuration are the name of the game these days and Vantaca is at the top of its industry when it comes to putting out a product with its user clients in mind. Sound like something that could be beneficial to your management company and the clients you serve? Contact us to schedule a demo today.

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