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Leadership team expansion positions Vantaca for continued growth

One of Vantacas’s core values is to be always growing. Within the past months, Vantaca has rapidly expanded with exceptional new hires. We are pleased to welcome the following individuals:

Lisa Leath joins Vantaca as Chief People Officer and is responsible for overseeing people and culture strategy for the growing SaaS brand. A seasoned human resources (HR) leader, Leath has guided companies through successful HR strategies to land the best talent and retain them long-term, driving critical culture and leadership initiatives.

David Wheeler has been hired as Vice President, of Engineering. He is a people-centric technology leader with a history of building high-performing teams, accelerating product delivery, and creating a culture of innovation. David has been designing, deploying, and delivering highly scalable enterprise software for over a decade.

Will Davy joins Vantaca as Director, Corporate Strategy. Davy’s experience spans both private equity and investment banking in New York City and Charlotte. Davy will be responsible for corporate strategy formulation and business planning.

Additionally, Vantaca has proudly promoted multiple internal employees to position the company for growth.

See the attached Press Release for additional information on our exceptional new hires and promotions.

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