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January 27, 2021

New Release: Vantaca’s New Modern Homeowner Portal with Calendar Reservations

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Our new Modern Portal has just been released. This software update follows the original Classic Portal and boasts new features that Vantaca users, board members, and homeowners, alike, will appreciate

Modern Portal Highlights

The Modern Portal is equipped with several updates and features that will help management companies best serve their communities. These improvements include:

  • A homepage with a personalized banner that can be customized to your specific management company or associations

  • A new Amenities Calendar equipped with a Reservations feature for more automation in amenities management

  • Board Member-specific updates to their dashboard view, Bank information, and other customizable reporting features

  • New filters within the Homeowners Directory for a cleaner, more streamlined look

  • A simplified, user-friendly design that makes navigation a breeze

Vantaca users have the option to toggle between the Classic Portal and the Modern Portal, giving them the ability to roll out the Modern Portal when their communities have been informed of the update.

Benefits of the New Release

Many improvements in the Modern Portal were developed with board members’ needs in mind. These improvements include a new Board Reports page equipped with a watermark security option.

The Modern Portal was also updated to feature a Bank Accounts page where Vantaca users can assign access levels for various roles within each association. This measure ensures that important information within your association is only accessible to the right people.

Other benefits to the new Modern Portal include updated menu language that is clear and concise. Vantaca’s portal was already developed to be user-friendly, but our new menu language and design enhances ease-of-use and navigation.

The Homeowner’s Directory also has new filters that increase organization, and the Modern Portal’s new search functionality for all documents helps board members and homeowners quickly access whatever they need.

Calendar Reservations

A new element in our Modern Portal is Calendar Reservations, which offers Vantaca users the opportunity to add, edit, and efficiently manage the usage of their communities’ on-site amenities. Once amenities are set up by Vantaca users, they are easily accessible to the homeowners to check availability and request reservations.

Any reservation requests are sent to management for approval. This helps improve communication between the management company and homeowners, verifying necessary information and expediting calendar approvals.

Vantaca users can also configure different workflows in the system based on different amenity type. This functionality allows management companies to automate their processes for reservation requests.

New to Vantaca? Check Out Our Modern Portal Webinar

Having a portal that has been finetuned to serve the daily responsibilities of you and your associations can prove vital in association management. Learn more about transitioning to the Modern Portal and how the value can extend to all members of the associations you manage.

Watch our recording of the Portal Release Webinar here.

If you have any questions about the portal or would like to speak with one of our industry experts, contact us today.

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