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October 29, 2020

Data Migration with Vantaca: Common Questions & Answers

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This article describes the detailed process of data migration and the value it brings to clients.

The data migration process involves many moving parts. Here at Vantaca, our goal is to ensure the relocation of our customers' data into our system as seamless as possible. To accomplish this, we communicate with our clients and follow several steps to ensure successful importation.

First, we provide our customers with sample reports to show examples of how the data needs to be collected. The management company then sends our data team their reports so we can migrate the data in bulk.

Once the files have been imported, our data team has an auditing process for each data grouping to make sure they map into the right fields in Vantaca. This ensures that there is no bad data being displayed in their system.

Here are the different data points our clients provide for us to import, listed in order:

  1. Association list

  2. Chart of Accounts (GL Codes)

  3. Service Provider List

  4. Association Budgets

  5. Association Bank Accounts

  6. Homeowner Lists

  7. Homeowner ACH (if applicable)

  8. Bank Reconciliations

  9. Homeowner Balances

  10. GL Balances

  11. Homeowner Collection Status

The following are some common questions we receive about our data migration process, which help clarify the value the data team provides.

What makes your data migration process so valuable?

Management companies don’t need to manipulate their data files and manually upload them themselves. Once the Vantaca team receives what they need from each data point in the template provided, the data is imported for them.

We work with the management company to make sure their data is pulled properly and will audit their data to ensure a smooth transition from their former software to Vantaca’s all-in-one system.

Are there any common misconceptions about your data migration process?

The most common misconception is that we can access the management company’s current software. The client exports it and sends it over to the data team. We also recommend for management companies to confirm the information is correct.

In the past, we have seen files from other software export the wrong city, state, and zip code. It’s usually not any fault of the management company, but an exporting issue with their current software. Double-checking these files is a critical part of the data migration process to ensure the import process is successful.

How is the migration staff structured? Would our company have a designated person?

Each management company has an assigned data consultant who facilitates the data migration process. The management company won’t work directly with the data team often.

Our data consultant is mostly behind the scenes making sure everything is transferred into Vantaca smoothly and efficiently. At times, management companies will join calls with the data team just to increase their knowledge base and learn more about the technical side of the process.

How long does it take to complete the data migration part of onboarding?

Data migration is a fluid process. Typically, we get the clients list of associations first, then their chart of accounts (the first two pieces of information we ask for). We try to ask them for their homeowner’s list about three weeks before they go live to minimize the amount of information needed to update between the two systems.

What makes your data migration team different from other software?

We minimize the stress that comes with switching from one software to another. Management companies typically notify their owners and board members that they’re changing software, and our team prioritizes deliver clear communication at every step of the way, making the transition as smooth as possible.

Communication is a big concern for us. How do you help with that?

Proper communication is the biggest concern we see for most management companies during their software transition period. Transferring all your data to a new software can be a stressful process if not handled with open communication. However, Vantaca is more hands-on with working with clients, minimizing onboarding stress, and ensuring the most successful transition.

How much work this will take?

Many companies also worry about the amount of work that will be required of them. Data migration for other software requires clients to import their own data into the new system themselves. However, we provide example reports for the client, assist with a heavy auditing process and any cleaning if necessary, and import their data into Vantaca’s system.


With the help of our team of experts, we will save you from the problems that arise when having to import your own data. We understand how stressful switching software can be, so we will work with you to minimize the risk of complications.

Our data migration team will ensure that your data is imported efficiently, and we will prioritize communication with you to ensure a successful transition.


You can learn more about Vantaca’s unique features here or contact us for more information.

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