Meet Our Team

David Gunn
A pioneer in the industry, David brings decades of laser-focused experience to his role as the architect behind our line of profitability-boosting products. Of his 30 years of software development experience, over 17 of them were devoted to conceiving, refining and delivering software products to support the HOA industry. David also has a keen understanding of how banking and HOA software intersect, as he served as VP of Software Development for First Capital Bank and was instrumental in the development of the Smartstreet platform. He is proud to call California State University - Fresno his alma mater, where he earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and Minor in Mathematics.
Will Warner
Two parts software engineer, one part mobile master, Will is responsible for dreaming up most of the in-demand features our products have to offer. Will is equally versed in iOS and Android, having successfully designed apps for both platforms, as well as multiple commercial web and mobile products. With a focus on customization, Will has built several customized software applications for a range of business sectors, including the HOA industry. His creativity and attention to the specialized needs of our customers help our products outperform in an ever-evolving market.
Dave Sweyer
Dave founded Vantaca after successfully growing one of the largest Community Association Management companies in the country. The motivation with Vantaca was to create a software solution that met all the management company’s needs, was on the leading edge of industry trends, integrated with other innovative software solutions and valued customer experience. Dave’s success in both leading Vantaca and other property management-based businesses has been due to his focus on building high performance teams driven to achieve aspirational goals. In addition to Vantaca, Dave is Co-Owner and CEO of CAMS (Community Association Management Services), a vibrant, growing company that he founded with a partner in 1991 as well as owner of Sweyer Property Management, a long-term residential rental management company responsible for the property management of over 1,500+ units in Southeastern North Carolina.
Greg Rohde
EVP - Sales & Strategic Partnerships
Greg Rohde now serves a Vice President of Sales for Vantaca.  He comes to Vantaca with experience as a COO of an association management company servicing 400 associations and over 50,000 homeowners.  Greg was responsible for overseeing functions including accounting, communications, the mailroom and IT-all elements that are managed by our proprietary software.  This background has given Greg laser-focused experience in the industry we serve as part of Vantaca and has been instrumental in the design and development of our product line.  Greg’s influence, input and experience not only improves our product and process, they enable him to effectively introduce Vantaca to new users and communities.
Ben Currin
EVP - Project Management
Ben Currin leads Vantaca in the achievement of cross-functional business objectives. Prior to joining Vantaca, Ben managed the training, testing, and maintenance of two navy nuclear reactors in Charleston, SC. This capped a nearly decade long career as a Navy Submarine Officer and nuclear engineer during which Ben successfully completed multiple operational deployments around the globe. Ben holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the U.S. Naval Academy.
Shelly DeAntonio
EVP - Product Management
Shelly has been making technology magic for more than twenty years. From troubleshooting, process improving and technology training to solution brainstorming, strategizing, fixing and overall “MacGuyvering,” Shelly’s title of “Orchestrator” is well deserved. Shelly uses her BS in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and MBA from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, along with her extensive experience, and serves as a technology powerhouse here at Vantaca.
Lauren Godwin
EVP - Success Management
Lauren Godwin leads the accounting team at CAMS, specializing in transitioning companies into new management software and training users. She brings a ten-year, in-depth understanding of what customers need in an HOA management software; she has applied that knowledge to the QA process of Vantaca’s development since our inception.
Sydney Jones
Director of Marketing
With more than thirty years of experience in marketing and advertising, Sydney brings some serious creative muscle to our team. Armed with a BS in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Sydney has been developing and implementing comprehensive marketing campaigns throughout her career – from TV, radio and print, to online and everything in between. Her resourceful, outgoing work style is invaluable as we introduce Vantaca to customers across the country.
BD Snow
Product Marketing Manager
With a B.A in Economics and a B.B.A in Finance, BD has over 8 years of experience in small business development and has helped several entrepreneurs see their business ideas through to fruition. In the world of HOA management, BD has had involvement with both Accounts Receivable related services and Collections as well as successfully managed a community support team. BD brings a laser-sharp client focused perspective, with a strong attention to detail to improve process efficiency for teams. By working with clients on their use of Vantaca, BD is able to collaborate with our Product Management team to leverage user feedback to enhance the overall experience for our end-users.
Meredith Hughes
Implementation Specialist
Meredith focuses on transitioning management companies to our software. Her role is to guide oncoming management companies through the software transition by building custom workflow processes, trouble shooting process improvements, and training users on and off-site. Meredith graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Operations Management and International Business. Her operations background, project management skills and consulting project experience are key to her role as an Implementation Specialist.
Zach Clark
Software Support Specialist
As our Support Specialist, Zach builds strong relationships with our customers by providing training and guidance through daily and complex tasks. Zach's previous hands on experience using Vantaca while in accounting helps him to understand our customers software needs by looking at each task from multiple angles. With a BS in finance from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and his hands on Vantaca experience, Zach is continually sharing new ideas with the team to ultimately enhance each user’s experience.
Maegan Woytek
National Sales Manager
In 13 years, Maegan has been on every side of the HOA Industry. From sitting behind the reception desk and managing a portfolio of associations to HOA banking and accounting software sales; the Industry and its people have become her passion. With over 200 accounting and management software sales in the last 2.5 years, Maegan brings with her a unique understanding of how management companies and associations can operate efficiently and effectively. Through technology, she believes that every company can succeed. Maegan holds a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science from Metropolitan State University in Denver, CO.