Configurable Workflows and Action Items in Vantaca

One of the greatest ways association management software can benefit community managers is through the creation and implementation of configurable workflows and action items. The ability to configure certain items proves to be greatly beneficial to those in the association management industry in that it allows management companies to in essence make the software work for them. A truly configurable product like Vantaca can take what were once arduous processes and greatly simplify them.

“There’s an App for That”

The Vantaca platform is largely driven by configurable workflows and action items – the whole “there’s an app for that” concept if you will. Within Vantaca’s cloud-based software, users can create configurations for everything from work orders and fee waiver requests to invoice processing and issuing violation letters.

Violation Inspections & Letters

These configurable action items are able to essentially automate some of the more time-consuming parts of community managers’ jobs. Issuing violation letters, for instance, was once a lengthy process that involved either individually typing letters or copy/pasting information into templates and then filling in names, addresses, etc. But not anymore – with Vantaca, users simply input data into a few fields, select the appropriate template (or create a new one) and letters are then generated.

After those steps have been followed, violation letters are generated within the Vantaca system and are able to be delivered to homeowners via email based upon the send settings the manager has selected. This allows association members to receive quick, rapid communication and thus be informed of and correct any violations much sooner than in the past when manually drafting letters and traditional mail were relied upon. But what if you have owners who don’t use email? Don’t worry – you can also choose to have the system-generated letters saved right to the print queue so they’re ready be printed and mailed if needed.

With Vantaca, these configurable features create endless possibilities for users. Vantaca’s clients are able to identify what workflows and action items need to be configured for their business model and, with the help of Vantaca’s onboarding and support teams, create a product that fits their business like a glove.

Sound like something that would be good for your team of community managers? If you’d like to schedule a demo or just have some questions about Vantaca’s product, contact us today.